Double Digits

In about an hour, Becca will be 10.  My baby.  We have planned her party, her friends have been invited, there is still decorating to do and a bit of shopping… but pretty much we will be all set on Saturday. 

She is so… together.  She went to dinner with friends (since I was in meetings until 9 pm) and then came home and finished her homework.  Planned to begin her day – her BIRTHDAY – by finishing up the reading assignment and completing her reading log.  I am still not this organized.

I wonder how she will feel in the morning. 

On the one hand, I know that she is excited to be growing up.  She has a few older friends and likes that we have big kids in the house a lot. She liked being old enough to compete at Fashion Review and is looking forward to camp this summer.    But she is also comfortable just being herself, being goofy, reading books in the children’s section, sitting on my knee to play on the computer… holding my hand when we cross the street. 

Maybe it is me that will feel different in the morning. 

I know that one day soon she will not hold hand to cross the street  – in fact she doesn’t always.  She won’t always want to curl up on the couch and watch TV.  Someday she will be too old to get on my lap.   It is sad, of course, but I am excited for her too.

I remember when my girls were babies and my friend had girls just a bit older than mine.  I would ask which stage is the most fun and she said, OH the one they are in right now! I thought she was being goofy, but it is true.  I loved helping them learn to walk, I loved rocking them, reading bedtime stories, watching Sesame Street.  I tried to really be there when they were babies – to savor those precious fleeting moments.

But then I found out that learning to ride a bike was cool, so is reading the novels they choose and talking about characters and motivations. I love that they are busy and always have someplace to go.  They learn so much each day – something I used to say when they were babies.

So tomorrow we will celebrate Becca turning 10.  Hitting a milestone. Growing up.

And yeah, this stage is pretty cool.Bec and friends


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