Lunch Deconstructed

One thing I look forward to in the summer is not having to prep the lunch boxes.  There is only so much creativity one can put into a box and by this time in the school year I am feeling seriously tapped out. 

Enter the DIY lunch. 

Pre-vegetarianism, the coolest treat I could get for Becca was a Lunchable.  She loved those things, and I did let her have a thema couple of times.  But I struggled with the contents, the salt and sugar in that package.  So I struck on the idea to make them myself. 

Cheese cut in squares, lunch meat sliced the same size, whole wheat crackers, fresh fruit and a no-sugar-added juice.  Ahhhhhh …. there was much happiness all around.

Since going meat free, we haven’t packed one of these.  But today I turned the idea into something her vegetarian heart would enjoy. 

The classic PBB deconstructed.

Peanut butter, whole bananna, graham crackers. And a knife — I would not generally recommend sending a knife to school with a child, but this one is small and round like a spoon.  I also packed a cute little donut peach and some pomegranite juice. 

She was pretty happy about it this morning and I have one less day of school lunch wo worry about.


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