So… how is it going?

Yesterday was an elliptical day.  I reminded Lizzi to spend 30 minutes sweating and, in typical teenage fashion, she tried to come up with other (less exertive) alternatives. 

I needed to work on the Fair poster so I had no patience with her alternatives.  I shot them down and insisted she just get on the cursed machine.  On she went, but I suspect she did an easy program.  That’s OK, for right now. I just want her to do it.

How about me?  Well I finished the poster then went straight to the meeting, then came home too late to do it.  I was sure Lizzi noticed.  When I tucked her in to bed that night I brought it up.  I told her I was really proud of her for doing it, even though she didn’t want to.  I pointed out that I did not get mine done.   Then I promised to do my 30 minutes BEFORE having coffee.

You heard me.  Before coffee.

Unfortunately, I overslept so I had to make lunches and drive Lizzi to school before exercising. 

And before coffee.

I feel pretty good, I have always felt smarter when I have regular exercise in my life.  Again — why is it so hard for me to get up and do it? 

I won’t worry about that too much .  I have my motivation now.


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