A religious experience

So last night after a long, long day at work I was finally eating dinner at 9 pm. Becca and I were sitting on the couch and she had some questions.

See we watched the Glee episode about Kurt’s dad in the hospital, Kurt saying he didn’t believe in God, and other characters questioning religion and how it applies to hands we are dealt.

Between attending a very Christian school and starting Confirmation, Bec is at the age where a lot of questions are asked, and she is trying to formulate what she thinks, where she stands on certain issues.

We have always tried to be tolerant of what other people do and openly explain to the kids where we stand and why. We think people should be able to marry the person they choose because finding the person — that wonderful special person who completes you is a remarkably difficult and non-scientific pursuit. Sure, people fall in love with the wrong person, they stay in relationships that are hurtful then blame “love” (and religion and obligation and what everyone will think) for staying put.

I think, and this is what I tell my kids, is that when you find someone that lifts you up and supports you, makes you laugh and feel safe and smart and pretty and clever and all those wonderful things… and you can do the same for them in a loving and equal relationship… then that’s it. That is something to hold tight.

They know where we stand on Gay Marriage. But the religous discussion was new for Bec. The characters she has watched for a year questioned the existence of God and it rocked her little world.

So our discussion centered on what people *think* they know about God. We talked about how the major world religions are different and where they are the same. We talked about how there are extremists on every side that think they know what God wants better than everyone else.

I told her that I do not know what God thinks about homosexuality. But I do think that God loves all His children and wants them to be happy.

I don’t think any one chooses to be gay any more than we can choose exactly how our life will go. We experience things, meet people, change our mind, and get surprised by what life hands us.

That said, there are certain things I hold dear and keep me grounded.

My faith is important to me. I thank God for the blessings in my life. I ask Him for direction, safety, and comfort. I ask for help in being the mother my children need. In the confusing swirl of life, this is where I find peace.

Bec is growing up in a world that is losing its Faith. On a worldwide scale, attendence at religious services is dropping every year. On a more local level, we have a lot of friends that don’t believe in God. Parents have told they resent their own religious experience, they question the teachings, disapprove of the judgement and frankly just want to sleep in on Sunday mornings.

We are not a family that stands on soapboxes. I don’t preach, witness, or scold. I can only live my life and hope that it serves as an example of the other side of the story.

Acceptance, love, peace – this is my religious experience.



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