I shouldn’t be writing this

Today I am working at home for a couple of hours while Lizzi is at Lacrosse practice. I didn’t finish writing my articles yesterday, so it is a good thing I have a little quiet time. Although the fact that I am writing this post and not my articles probably means I am making the wrong choice.

Not the first bad decision I made today. Becca was late to school and it was my fault. Becca tends to hold on to things like this – not blaming me, just upset that her day got off to a rocky start. She was only a few minutes late, but they are taking SAT’s today and she takes those things very seriously.

SAT’s in Junior High? Really? I KNOW, RIGHT! But yes, they are – I think they start now so that when the kids take the real test there is no imtimidation factor left – they have done it so many times that it is easy-ish to them. I hope that works for her. Girlfriend wants to go to Stanford so she better have great grades and test scores to qualify for financial aid.

She is a pretty great kid, I have to say. I think if she wants to go to stanford, that is where we will find her in a few years. Her ability to set her sights on something and achieve it is pretty scary for someone so tiny.

Anyway, I should probably open my work computer, sign in and write that article.


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