weekend recap


         Sheila came over to do some computer work because my printer works and hers does not.

         I started a cute green and red purse, bought some books on Amazon

         My Magnolia tree was replaced and planted so I can see it out the office window.

         Becca went to Kiley’s house after school with Andrea and Mackenzie, Zack went to play with Jared, too.

         Lizzi worked on her Manga

         At about 7:30, Joe Walters came over to talk about the PTA Conference final details.  We called Murlin since he was waiting for the Comp Corps to show up at his house. 

         We had a quiet evening, just us girls and the TV.

         I almost finished Vampire Knight 2



         I woke up and saw Scott had texted from the airport.  He was on his way home!

         I made bagels for everyone

         We all went to Kirk Park for volleyball – I worked with our team on the spike-set combo, moving their feet and forearm passes.

         Lizzi brought Sweetie and chatted with Dani

         The girls cleaned the kitchen while I ran errands.

         Lizzi started reading Thirteen and worked on her manga

         Rebecca worked on her Mac and Cheese story

         We went to Target to get Lizzi a bathing suit, ended up at the mall

         Daddy came home about 7:30, just in time for pizza!

         He brought me a box of chocolates from Switzerland

         We opened a bottle of Matchbook “Tinto Rey” 2005



         At 7 am Scott’s buzzing phone woke me up.  I don’t know how early that started.

         Daddy made breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes for the girls, scrambled eggs with onions and cheese for us

         The 9:45 church service at St. Timothy’s – the girls in their Sunday School classes and Scott and I sitting together holding hands throughout the service.

         I noticed they have removed the pews from the Fellowship Hall – must be getting ready to move them back into the Sanctuary

         Scott took the girls home while I went to Bell Choir Practice

         I showed the children’s choir how we ring the bells and make different sounds with them

         We all did yard work – mowing, weeding, edging, poop scoop

         Scott fixed the sprinklers so now I think the raised bed will get water

         I put the last stitch in my cute new purse

         the 4-H Creative Writing Project met and we reviewed stories for our end of year book

         I put the new knobs on Becca’s hutch and put the glass back into the doors.  The handles we bought are the wrong size for the holes. sigh.

         Dinner was Halibut, Couscous, and a garden salad with a light vinaigrette (courtesy of Becca)

         Becca made her ecosystem – 3 worms, a mint plant, 3 tomatoes, soil, water, rocks (of course!).

         Lizzi worked on her manga

         Jetlag caught up with Scott and he was out before 8 pm.

         Tonight, Becca is thankful for yard work, worms, and ecosystems.


Smoothies for Dinner

Yesterday was the kick off for spring-time Tuesday craziness.  Volleyball practice and Fencing lessons overlap with each other and any semblance of dinner preparation.  As it also happened to be the hottest day of the year (so far) we were all about 20 degrees above normal by the time we were in the car heading home — did I mention it was about 7:45 pm at this point?

Anyway, when Becca suggested Smoothies for dinner I jumped on it!  They were perfect for cooling us down without being too heavy right before bed.

Dinner Smoothies
2 containers soy yogurt
2 banannas
2-3 cups frozen berries
cranberry juice and soy milk (start with about 1.5 cups in the blender)