Working at Home, Keeping it Real

Accomplished this morning:

  • Made coffee
  • Began preparations for next big video conference meeting. This time it will originate in NZ and I can’t be there so I have to coordinate all activities from here.
  • Met with team member in North Carolina, that office is shirinking so we discussed current mood and morale.
  • Held a call to discuss possible announcement. Have to find balance with all other press activities surrounding HUGE trade show.
  • Wrote training announcement
  • Made and delivered lunch to my HS girl
  • Extended invitation to all county for Fair Planning Committee
  • Bathed dog to remove poop that was stuck in her fur
  • Bleached bath tub (see previous line item)
  • 2 loads of laundry through the machines, no time to fold right now
  • Completed work Objectives for Q3 and 4
  • Considered joining the Board of Directors for a local non-profit
  • Racked brain for Leader message of the week
  • Planned afternoon child pick up and delivery to various locations schedule. I will be in my car from 2:15 to 7:15. It is that kind of day.
  • Just relized the challenge of getting dinner on the table tonight and need to pick a fast and easy choice. like right now. 

So with that, I need to focus on getting a few things done this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Wishing for a 30 hour day,



Right Now…

Can’t you hear that old song in the background….

We are in Washington at Pat’s house and there is a house full (8 kids, 6 adults).  You would think it would be very loud here, but really it is not because most of the kids are outside having fun.  I don’t have a cord to connect my camera, but here’s the rundown of activities at 10:56 AM…

Scott is sleeping in.  GOod thing since he was the first up yesterday and worked most of the day.

Pat is asleep on the couch.  He was over there reading earlier, but is definitely having a snooze now.

Andrew just came into the kitchen and is “stealing” a few cherries.  We picked these up yesterday and the kids have been taking them a little at a time.  THey are the best cherries I have ever had.

Becca and Sam are on the swings and Jimmy is standing in front of them avoiding their feet.  It is some sort of dare thing.  Everyone is laughing and giggling.  Becca is still in her Jammies.  Jimmy is wearing the Grizzley shirt — on Wednesday, they started a badminton tournament and apparently Jimmy and Sam disappeared for a while, found 2 white t-shirts and decorated them with permanent marker.

Aaron and Shannon are downstairs with Jack and Anna.  Hanging out.  I can hear Aaron teasing and playing with Anna.  Jack probably has his vroom-vrooms (cars/ trucks/ anything with wheels).  Anna is asking, “who wants some ice cream?”

Lizzi is upstairs.  I think she is writing.  She’s been doing a lot of that.  She just came downstairs, into the kitchen and stole some cherries.  🙂

Diana is getting ready.  She went upstairs ab out 20 minutes ago to take a shower so I bet we will see her again here soon.

It’s going to be a beautiful day – 80 degrees expected, we may decide to go down to the lake for swimming.  Maybe we will see who wants to learn how to row.  All in all, it should be a fabulous day.

Non-stop ’til Monday

In about 4 hours, my dear friend Danielle and her 3 boys will arrive on my doorstep.  They have never been to my house and will not be staying long, so I am thrilled to be expecting company tonight.  In the morning our 2 families (minus Scott) will head north to Six Flags Discovery Kingom for a day of coasters and animals and stuff. 

Danielle is organized, God love her.  She reserved this day months ago.  No, seriously.  She called before Easter, said they were planning this trip and would we like to join them.  I said yes, of course, but because I am me (not Dani) I did not write it on my calendar until about 3 weeks ago when it was really confirmed that the date had not and would not change.

A strange concept for me, but that is fine.

After a full day in the sunshine with Dani and her family (not just the boys, but her mom and step-father, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew) we will come home and they will head to a hotel near the airport as they have an early flight to Seattle on Saturday and THEN they are going on a cruise.  They will have a blast.

WE will be spending Saturday morning at the Fairgrounds for volunteer orientation, then going to the beach for the Dan Chitwood Memorial 4-H Beach Clean Up Day and Bonfire.  It should be hot and sandy and fun.  We can’t wait.

Sunday, as you all know, is Father’s Day.  Following a wonderful breakfast, we will head to church and then spend the afternoon doing whatever Scott wants to do.

Whew.  It will be Monday morning before we can relax again.  Monday night Lizzi has Camp Staff, but the rest of us can relax and hang out.

In preparation for the fun, the house is clean, there are clean sheets on the beds (except for mine — oops!) and the frige is stocked.

We are set for good times, baby.  Good times.

What are you doing this weekend??

Summer break in T-minus…

With only a couple of days left before Summer Break officially begins, I have been making plans for how to spend the next 60-ish days.  With the girls, I have been making a list of big and small things to do with our lazy days of summer.  So far they include:

  • SF Zoo
  • Beach
  • Great America
  • Sleepover with Cathy (Becca’s friend)
  • Sleepover with Cam (another friend)
  • visit my dad
  • hike

There’s more, but that is what I could remember off the top of my head. 

Then the other day I was surfing around Scrapbooking sites and saw a brief reference to an activity that I can totally get behind.  Daily Journaling this summer.

I have done this around Christmas time.  In fact I paid for a class by Shimelle a couple of years ago and now I get the emails every year.  She provides prompts to write from and artistic inspiration.  It makes for a fun journal even though I have never actually finished.

So this summer I think I will try to write down what we do with our day.  Some days will be fun and exciting, others peaceful and relaxing, others filled with chores.  But I think it might be fun to look back on this summer since it might be the only one when I don’t have a job. 

I will keep you informed about the progress, who knows, I might even use this little blog to journal. 

What are you planning to do this summer?