Stronger than she looks

She’s always been the little sister. Not just younger, but really little. Smaller than her friends, delicate features, and just all around fun-sized.

Bec and friends

Bec (pink shirt) with friends in 2009. Everyone in this photo is the same age. Notice how they are almost a head taller than her.

Her petite frame comes in handy for gymnastics, a sport that favors the small. She’s in her third year of competing and we have certainly seen the skills improve, but there is something else… she is so strong!

I don’t know if you are familiar with the work out schedule that competitive gymnasts keep. My husband, a former Naval Officer, calls it the SEAL Team work out. Core strength, arm strength, leg power, flexibility … and always with toes pointed, head up and a smile.

She loves it. She had a short break over the summer, and couldn’t wait to get back in the gym. She loves her team members, she love competing, she loves the whole package.

She tried various activities – volleyball, basketball (yes, short as she is, she was awesome on the court!), and dance. Last year she was a cheerleader in addition to a gymnast. But it is in the gym that she smiles brightest, works hardest and feels strongest.


Working on a new skill with her new trio and new coach.

That’s my girl in the white leotard and the black shorts. She loves being the base. The steady, strong person that holds other people up.

That pretty much describes her personality, too.

She’s the go to person for friends, the one who knows the right flavor of ice cream to soothe a broken heart or the goofy face that will bring a smile. She believes in herself enough to cheer on competitors, even when they get the gold.

She’s a strong kid. So much stronger than she looks.