Yesterday I was sitting on the couch reading Facebook updates and one friend posted a link to a blog that I often read but had not checked in a while.  The lovely and talented Tara Whitney participated in a gratitude challenge and posted the results here.

I decided to be a copy cat.  I do that lot, see something and think — WOW, I should totally do that.  Then I don’t, I forget and well… it never gets done.  Not this time, I tell you!  I got right up, grabbed my camera and took shots of 5 things I was grateful for.

HOWEVER – I am not a professional photographer and it was already dark outside when I took my photos so there was absolutely no natural light in my house.  It is all about the flash-shot, but I got it done.

This was a really good weekend with so much to be thankful for that I am just going to go with the crappy photos and focus on the memories they represent.

Number 1:

gratitude 1 

I am glad my Becca is happy and comfortable in her own skin.  I love her creativity, her self expression.  I love that she watches cooking shows with me and has an awesome attitude about trying new things.

Number 2:

gratitude 2

I had just snapped the photo of Becca and Lizzi walked up to give me a hug.  She has been giving a lot of hugs lately and I cherish every one. I love that Lizzi is being goofy here. 

Number 3:

Scott.  Ok I took a photo of him that was so bad I can’t even post it.  He was at the end of the hall, it was dark and you can only barely make out that is was him at all.  I am so grateful that he was able to take his birthday off from work.  He is leaving on a business trip today and will be back on Thursday, but it was so wonderful to just get to spend the day together as a family.  See a movie, play Guitar Hero, cuddle on the couch watching Mythbusters…  I love that he is just so great at being a husband and a dad.

Number 4 and 5:

gratitude 3

Number 4 is the flower.  It was a gift from the Fetterleys, brought Saturday evening to Scott’s birthday party.  I am so grateful to have friends that love last minute parties and love me even though I gave only 24 hours notice of the event.

Number 5 is the clean kitchen behind the flower.  Mitch and Debbie were her today.  I am so grateful to have them come every 2 weeks, that they love my dogs and find them charming, that my island sparkles when they leave.

So those are my 5 for the day.  What are yours?


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